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Curbside recycling is limited. Below is a list of local options for recycling the rest. If we're missing any, please let us know and we'll update the list.

Styrofoam - Save That Stuff in Charlestown has a drop-off site for white styrofoam. It needs to be clean and free of stickers, labels, and anything else that isn't styrofoam. Currently, styrofoam with color is not accepted. You shouldn't be charged. If you are, say you are part of Green & Open Somerville; we have an agreement with them. 200 Terminal St, Boston; once on Terminal, stay under the Tobin bridge until the road comes to a T. Go left and follow signs for Save That Stuff.

General MA recycling guide - Recycle Smart MA

Many other items - TerraCycle offers recycling options for many different products. Some companies use them to offer their customers free recycling on their products. For other items, you can purchase containers to collect the recyclable (e.g. toothbrushes or credit cards) and send it in when it's full. 

Shop waste free -  The Loop Store offers some name brand household products that arrive in containers that get returned after use. They are new and hopefully will add more and more brands.

Cleenland in Central Square sells low waste, refillable personal and household cleaning products.

Compost - while not recycling, composting is a remarkably effective way to reduce your input to landfills. Food waste makes up 40% of our garbage. There are many great local services that will pick up food scraps on the city's curbside trash/recycling schedule and some even provide you with beautiful compost at no extra cost. Check out Garbage to Garden, Bootstrap, and Black Earth.

A Re-users Exchange - if you have an offer or a need of something (for example, bread bags that someone else might want for dog poop bags), there is a facebook group called "Buy Nothing Somerville". 

Beautiful Stuff Project - located on Medford St in Somerville, this lovely little organization goes to schools to do creative art projects using odds and ends like pipe cleaners, buttons, stickers, chopsticks, etc. And, they are always looking for more materials to work with. Check out their website for details.

The CD Recycling Center of America - located in Salem, NH. They accept CDs, DVDs, cell phones, inkjet cartridges, small electronics, computers (no monitors), chargers, cables, and electric extension cables, cords and Christmas lights.

Earth 911 - search for recycling locations in your areas.

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