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Foss Problem Solved

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has shared a plan to install an artificial turf field on Foss Park. Originally, it called for cutting five mature oak trees and three ash. After significant community outrage, they shifted the field slightly to save four of the oaks, cut one, and cut six ash. The image they shared looks as though at least two of the oak trees' roots might be impacted by construction, even if they were not cut to install the field. However, Green & Open Somerville's advisor, Stephen Moore, has come up with a solution that saves all of the trees. See the image below. It involves shifting the artificial turf field to the location of the ball diamond along McGrath, and putting that ball diamond where the rectangular field was proposed.

The first image is the DCR plan. The red Xs mark trees that they plan to cut down. Note the two trees in the pink area. These are the oaks that, while not planned for removal, seem very likely to be impacted by construction.

Below is Stephen's design. (The red Xs are leftover from the old plan, not indicating any trees removed). This plan allows for the field installation and does not cut any trees. It also opens up areas that could be planted with more trees and/or have the playground moved to (it currently sits at the spot of the some, if not the, very worst air pollution in Somerville).

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