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Finally, good news! (If only people will listen)

The Sports Turf Managers Association is the leading guide for how athletic fields should be installed, maintained, and managed. They are now actively saying that grass is better. It's worth a read. But, for just a taste, they start out with the following: "It has become apparent that natural grass fields are being replaced with synthetic surfaces due to the belief that synthetic surfaces are less expensive and easier to maintain than natural surfaces. A properly maintained synthetic is not necessarily an effective replacement if lower maintenance costs are the goal. The primary reason natural grass fields are being replaced by synthetic is usually due to the lack of initial maintenance dollars. Proper construction and maintenance of a natural grass field will provide a safe playable surface that is natural and pleasing to players, parents, and coaches. Additionally, natural grass fields are often replaced by synthetic for aesthetic reasons, perhaps because the natural grass has a great deal of wear in the highly trafficked areas by the end of the season. However, one should not confuse aesthetics with playability because a worn field often still plays very well, plus, the natural grass can be restored if the right maintenance or strategies are employed."

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